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Cluck & Squeal Beef Ribs with Bold Browning - Cluck & Squeal Seasonings and BBQ Rubs.

Cluck & Squeal Beef Ribs with Bold Browning

Cluck & Squeal has had a lot of requests from the past few months on how we made our mouth watering, tender juicy beef ribs.  So as per our fans requests here it is, enjoy!

Bold Browning

For use on – Brisket, Beef Ribs, Burger surface rub, lamb, turkey and more.

Proper use depends of the fat content of the meat you are applying it to. Lean meat like turkey breast is to be applied light in moderation. Alternatively well marbled Brisket and Beef Ribs to have a well-balanced medium coverage that you can see the meat through the rub.   Allow the spiced/rubbed meat to sit for 20-30 minutes, then put it into your cooker of choice.

This modification of the Bold Browning Seasoning & BBQ RUB adds a subtlety of flavour that is embraced by the natural flavour of the meats you are cooking.


  • ¼ cup of FINE GRIND Cluck & Squeal BOLD BROWNING Seasoning & BBQ Rub
  • 1 Teaspoon Olive Oil, Grape Seed Oil or Sunflower Oil (or any NON GMO Oil with minimal flavour)
  • ¾ Cup Coarse Sea Salt or Coarse Kosher Salt
  • 1 cup 16 mesh Butcher Black Pepper

Kitchen Tools

  • Spice or Coffee Grinder
  • 1 small bowl
  • Spoon
  • Empty shaker or spice container for Spice/BBQ Rub storage

Step 1

Pour the Coarse Salt into the empty bowl and add the oil and mix very well so oil coats the salt.

Step 2

Set up your Spice Grinder and add ¼ cup plus one tablespoon of the Cluck & Squeal BOLD BROWNING Seasoning & BBQ RUB. The extra tablespoon is to ensure proper measurement of a ¼ cup FINE as noted above. Once grinded measure the ¼ cup, then add to the oiled Coarse Salt and mix very well.

Step 3

Add the cup of 16 mesh Butcher Black Pepper to the seasoned salt and mix well.

Step 4

Store in spice shaker or container in a cool or room temperature place

Step 5

When applying to some meats like Beef Ribs I lightly coat the meat with a xHot Sauce or a Hot sauce I modify that I have in my kitchen. The main objective is to use something that is not too hot but will wet the meat surface you are going to rub so the rub sticks well. If I have to modify a hot sauce I just add apple cider vinegar and a little water to make it a very thin viscosity just like a Louisiana Hot sauce and a similar heat level.

Step 6

Allow the Rubbed meat to sit for 20-30 minutes before and then add it to your cooker of choice. We use smokers because we love cooking with fire. We aim for a cooking temperature of 285F/140C.

Step 7

Achieve internal meat temperatures for desired doneness with TIME, TEMPERATURE CONTROL and patience. To achieve tenderness of meat is more of understanding when meat is done, resting period for the internal meat temperature to drop for the juices to slow down to tender up the meat and when to carve and serve.  

Cluck and Squeal Beef Ribs

cluck and squeal Beef Ribs front

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  • Hi Sharon,

    Yes all our Products are gluten free.


    Marc Cardinali
  • I need to know if this is gluten free, TIA.

    Sharon Godfrey

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