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Aug 31, 2023

Cluck & Squeal New Orleans BBQ Shrimp Pizza

The Cluck & Squeal New Orleans BBQ Shrimp Pizza!  This pizza offers notes of flavour built with a rich Savory Spicy butter foundation accompanied with hints of citrus from the dollops of lemon whipped ricotta cheese.  Simple topping preparation with an unforgettable bite of satisfaction the Cluck & Squeal Savory Spicy Seasoning & BBQ Rub is known for, and now built into an incredible pizza with a New Orleans flair!  

Aug 9, 2023

Cluck & Squeal Genoa Chicken Pesto Pizza

The Cluck & Squeal GENOA's Chicken Pesto Pizza! This pizza offers an array of rich flavours starting from the quality pesto base to the meticulously prepared toppings, expertly seasoned with Cluck & Squeal All Purpose and our signature Himalayan Seasoned Salt. Every bite of this unforgettable pizza delivers a harmonious blend of flavours, leaving you craving more. 

Jul 26, 2023

Cluck & Squeal Italian Meat Lovers Pizza

This simple fast flavourful pizza satisfies the palate with an array of harmonious flavours. The base starts with Tasty Hot butter that provides a richness of addictive and mildly smokey heat that pairs well with the natural sweetness of our (no cook) tomato sauce and the fire roasted sweet roasted peppers. 

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