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Sara Frenza

Sara Frenza - Cook, Personal Trainer + Nutritional Coach

Sara Frenza, a dedicated mother of two daughters, embodies the archetype of transformation and empowerment. As a seasoned nutrition and body transformation coach, she stands as the beacon of hope for countless women seeking to reclaim control over their bodies and lives. Sara is not just the owner of Sara Frenza Fitness and Nutrition; she is the driving force behind a movement aimed at helping women break free from self-doubt and insecurity.

Sara's journey toward her current stature as a published fitness model and writer wasn't without its trials. Like many mothers, she faced the daunting challenge of post-pregnancy weight gain, with each pregnancy leaving her grappling with over 40 pounds of added weight.

Determined to find a solution, Sara embarked on a relentless pursuit, experimenting with various diets and programs to sculpt a body she could be proud of. However, in the sea of fad diets and fleeting fitness trends, she found herself disillusioned with what was available, until she stumbled upon a revelation that would change her life forever. 

Through research and determination Sara discovered a sustainable approach to weight loss and body transformation that worked. Shedding over 50+ pounds and reshaping her body composition, she not only reclaimed her confidence but also acquired invaluable insights into the mechanics of long-term weight management. Her journey served as the catalyst for her mission: to empower women to embrace a lifestyle of nourishment, strength, and vitality. 

Central to Sara's philosophy is the belief that restrictive dieting and grueling cardio regimens are not the answer. Sara champions a holistic approach that emphasizes the synergistic relationship between nutrition and strength training. Through her revolutionary 1:1 coaching program, Sara guides women on a healthcare journey, leveraging her exclusive Restore, Lean Out, and Sustain body transformation protocol. This comprehensive framework not only yields tangible results but also equips women with the tools and knowledge to sustain their progress indefinitely. 

Sara is not just a coach, but a mentor, confidante, and ally in their journey toward healthy holistic transformation, she is an incredible cook that understands the symbiotic relationships of body, mind and food nutrition.  

Sara integrates Cluck & Squeal International Seasoning and BBQ Rubs into some of her recipes because of the low sodium, sugar and quality of the seasonings. She believes that adequate protein intake is paramount for achieving fat loss objectives and supporting the maintenance and development of lean muscle mass without having to sacrifice flavour, and Cluck & Squeal makes things easy.

In her cookbook her recipes are meticulously crafted to be rich in protein, facilitating the attainment of your daily protein targets. By ensuring that each meal incorporates a substantial protein component, you're taking a significant step towards enhancing your overall protein intake. Moreover, these recipes are thoughtfully designed with straightforward cooking methods, ensuring they are not only nutritious but also exceedingly convenient to prepare using wholesome, unprocessed ingredients including Cluck & Squeal International Seasoning and BBQ Rubs.

  1. Cluck & Squeal Chicken Meatloaf
  2. Cluck & Squeal Sweet Potato and Tuna Cakes with Dill Sauce



With more than 40 + delicious high protein recipes in this recipe book to help you reach your daily protein intake goals.

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