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Julien Dion - Home Cook - BBQ Guru - Social Media Influencer - Cluck & Squeal Chef

Julien Dion - Home Cook - BBQ Guru - Social Media Influencer - Cluck & Squeal Chef

Julien Dion has had a strong passion for cooking and grilling for the past 15 years. Whether he is transforming ordinary ingredients into extraordinary new recipes or feeding his family and friends with his tried-and-true dishes. His journey began modestly, sharing casual posts on social media stories. However, as his passion grew, so did his online presence. He transitioned to creating in-depth recipe videos, which have garnered tens of thousands of views and amassed thousands of followers.

With each post, Chef Julien not only shares his mouthwatering recipes but also inspires his audience to embrace the joy of cooking. He encourages them to savor every moment spent in the kitchen, enjoying the process and having fun along the way. His vibrant personality and creative approach make cooking accessible and enjoyable for everyone, from novice home cooks to seasoned food enthusiasts.

Follow along as Chef Julien explores new tastes, experiments with bold flavours, and pushes the limit of everyday BBQ to new elevated levels. His content is a celebration of the world of food, inviting his audience to join him on a flavour adventure. Whether he's smoking the perfect brisket, baking a decadent dessert, or crafting a unique international fusion dish crafted with Cluck & Squeal. Julien's enthusiasm and expertise make every recipe a delightful experience.

Join Chef Julien on his culinary journey and discover the magic of cooking at home. His videos not only teach valuable cooking techniques but also emphasize the importance of sharing meals and creating memories with loved ones. Through his engaging content, Julien hopes to inspire others to find their own passion for cooking and to enjoy the delicious rewards that come with it.

Q & A with Chef Julien 

Q: What was the idea behind your brand/social channels?
A: It started off with a push from friends and family and honestly just to share great food recipes and the experiences and fun that I have while doing it!

Q: What inspires you in the BBQ/Cooking world?
A: The satisfaction of cooking long low and slow and anticipating the results being rewarded when the cook turns out amazing ! (Most of the time 😅😝)

Q: How would you describe your cooking?
A: Rich, sweet, savoury and original. Being very particular with my dishes and always trying to improve.

Q: When you're doing vegetables on the grill, do you like to throw on your rib rub or something like that?
A: For a quick fix my go to is Cluck & Squeal All Purpose or I keep it simple with just salt and pepper.

What are your goals/dreams in the BBQ/cooking world?
A: To grow my social media presence and generate income through my socials while continuing to share my recipes and passion for cooking !

Would you use the same type of rig for smoking versus barbecuing, or are you using different equipment?
A: I have 5 different grills. Charcoal drum, electric smoker, propane, portable propane and a gas griddle.

Q: Favourite cut of meat for barbecue?
A: Brisket!!

Q: What’s your favourite thing to cook/smoke/grill?
A: Beef ribs!

Q: Are there any non-meat items you like to throw on a smoker?
A: I’ve done cornbread and it turned out great, pineapple is also one of my favourite things to incorporate with meat on the smoker!

Q: For newbies starting out, what kind of rig do you think they should use? Would you say people should use pellet, offset or use a Weber kettle?
A: Pellet grills are definitely the easiest as long as you have patience!!
Q: What’s your favourite Rub?
A: Cluck & Squeal Bold Browning!

What is your favourite sauce?
A: I like taking my time and making my own most of the time 


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