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Alfa CLASSICO 2 Pizze

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Color: Ardesia Grey
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Introducing the 2 Pizze oven 

A compact and versatile stainless steel pizza oven designed to cook pizza and much more

Canada's top choice for outdoor wood-burning pizza ovens. With its traditional design and compact size, this oven promises a flawless pizza in just 90 seconds and can bake up to 2 kg of bread in a single session.

Ideal for those in the GTA with limited space, the 2 Pizze oven is perfect for anyone looking to whip up delicious pizzas or other mouth-watering treats to impress friends and family across Canada and the GTA.

Beyond just pizzas, this versatile oven enables you to create a myriad of dishes, from bread and roasts to lasagne, vegetables, and even desserts.

Available in both wood and gas fuel options, the 2 Pizze oven offers even more flexibility with the Alfa Hybrid Kit. For those who choose the gas-fired model, the Hybrid Kit lets you alternate between wood or gas, ensuring you have total culinary freedom every time you cook.


Number of pizzas: 2
Baking bread: 2 kg
Fuel supply: wood or gas (hybrid with the Hybrid kit accessory)
Maximum temperature:  500°C
Hob: 60 x 50 cm
Weight: 72,5 Kg
Number of people: 8-18
Available in: top version, top + base, top + tab

Alfa Ovens

Legendary performance and design distinguish our legacy products, enjoy cooking, grilling and baking your food in a wood fired oven. Alfa ovens are the premier line of artisanal pizza ovens built with your backyard oasis in mind.


Handcrafted in Italy with noble materials and a refined design, they contain all the best of Alfa technology, the result of 45 years of experience and continuous research.


Wood has an indisputable charm and has always been the choice of fuel for lovers of traditional dishes. It is ideal if you like to cook outdoors and it gives dishes that particular scent of wood.


Practical and fast, gas is the best fuel for those who do not want to waste time and get straight to the point. It represents a valid solution if you want to obtain great results with extreme simplicity.


If you’re the type that wants a bit of both, Alfa has created the Hybrid Kit that allows you to transform your gas oven into a wood-burning oven. In this way, you decide from time to time which fuel to use for your recipes.

Which Alfa Oven is best for you?

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